How It Works

It Couldn’t Be Easier to Launch Your App

Creating your new dating platform has never been simpler. At M14 Industries, we strive to ensure that you can bring your ideas and brands to life in a quick, and painless manner. We act as the CTO that you no longer need to hire, saving you time, money and effort. You bring the ideas, and we bring the tech. 

Starting a new dating service, especially when looking at mobile responsiveness and apps, can be very expensive. Now you can save those many thousands and spend it on building your brand, marketing, and network and get to revenue much faster.

What You Do

Your Idea

So you’ve had a good idea for a dating or social app, you’ve possibly reached out to some agencies and got quoted an eye watering figure to build it. Now you’d previously have been stuck either taking that price tag or learning how to code yourself. With M14 Industries you can build your idea easily and cost-effectively.

You bring the idea, the branding, and the content/text you want. You’d provide us with your colour schemes and any other important information. Then you can use our feature-store to add on new features to your platform.

Marketing & Client Acquisition

Your brand is going to need your help to get off the ground, and is the most important part for you as a partner.

Building your marketing presence can be done across any platform, and can be measured using our partner dashboard as well as our advertising dashboard. You can bring your own advertisers, or use ours, and we calculate all of the commission and outcomes from it and deposit it to you no muss, no fuss.


What We Do

No sweat set-up

We make it simple for you to keep up with technology with ongoing upgrades and new features at no additional cost.

24/7 Customer Support

You can have peace of mind that your customers will be well looked after by our expert team.

They’ll be on hand to help your users any time of day with guaranteed response times.

Multi-Platform Apps

Android, iOS, Windows Phone & mobile optimized website come as part of our standard offering.

International Support

International currency options, for no additional charge. We support multiple languages, for those who want international or worldwide accessibility. For EU payments we handle VATMOSS

Customise Your Service

We allow custom themes & 3rd party integrations. If it’s not listed on our site, just shoot us a message and ask us.


Expert operations team for your security, scale & support. We have you covered for any new releases or even in the instance of a targeted marketing push, let us know and we will scale up your services during that time period.

Reports & Analytics

We provide detailed reporting / analytics, access to our data science insights, and custom admin panels for every partner.

Advertising Platform

If you want to run advertisements within your apps, you have the option of using our pre-selected advertisers with preferred rates, or bring your own advertisers to your service. It’s easy to set up and no extra cost.

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