How to Win A Dating Award

How to Win A Dating Award

The Dating Awards are the only industry awards decided by a panel of independent industry experts.  The Awards are judged over a two-week period, and each site, app and service is tested by the judges.  Each Dating Award is judged against a different set of 6 criteria, which you can see when you enter the award.  Finalists can get feedback on their entry by emailing Charly Lester.  However, here are some general words of advice from Dating Awards founder and judge:

  1. Aim to answer every enquiry within 24 hours. Our top customer service entrants this year answered queries in as little as 15 minutes.
  2. Make it as simple as possible for people to navigate their way around your website. People expect a user experience similar to Facebook in 2017.
  3. Be as transparent as possible about service costs. Ideally they should be easy to find on your website.
  4. Make sure dater safety is a key concern. Make advice easy to find and up to date.
  5. Be innovative. How can you stand out against your competitors? What is your site or company’s USP?
  6. Offer true value for money. Daters can get a lot for free these days, so how can you justify charging what you currently charge?
  7. Engage with your customers. Make the most of social media, and engage with daters.
  8. Maintain a dating blog. Use it to give advice, and set the tone for your services.
  9. Empathise with your customers. Being single in 2017 can be tough – the judges want to see that you understand that and genuinely care about your customers.
  10. If you’re new to the industry, make a splash! Get as involved as you can, do something new and exciting, and show that you have plans for the future.

You can find all of this year’s UK Dating Awards Finalists and Winners here –


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