Management fees


We’ve built the most transparent pricing model we can, at the best value to you. We charge a simple, fixed fee per month for everything you need. Other fees (taxes, transaction fees, etc.) all come out of earned revenue as a percentage. We offer three billing cycles:

All pricing is ex VAT

All plans include:


Unlimited active members
Login with Facebook or email
Instant messaging
Filter matches
Custom profiles
Premium subscriptions
Push notifications


Your branding on our product
Cutomisable features
Branding consultant if you need it


iOS App
Android App
Dedicated cloud hosting
High security standards
SSL everywhere
Google Analytics integration
Free security and maintenance updates
Free domain & DNS management


Marketing support
App store submissions
Discounted business development consultancy rates
Front-line customer support
Email & phone support
Dedicated Account Manager

Other fees? None until you start making money

Wrangling different payment providers, figuring out VAT and VAT MOSS, and dealing with charge-backs is a pain, so we take care of it all for you.

Whichever payment provider your users use (Stripe, Apple Pay, Android Pay, etc.), and wherever they are (GB, EU, USA, etc), we handle everything and pay you directly. You won’t need to wait months for payouts, even for payments which go through the app stores, and you won’t need to pay out of pocket.

From your total earnings we’ll automatically deduct the payment gateway fees (e.g. credit card handling fees), any taxes that are due (e.g. VAT MOSS for European payments), and a 10% transaction fee to cover our overheads.


  • Income

  • Payment gateways

  • Tax

  • Transaction fee

  • Management fee

Earnings calculator

Figuring out how much you’ll earn can be a complicated matter, so we’ve built this calculator to help you get a handle on what to expect at various parts of your growth.

This calculator assumes you’re running a freemium model, and don’t generate revenue through advertising, events, or anything besides a subscription service. Also, the price points for subscriptions are just example; it’s up to you how much you’d like to charge.

Taxes and payment gateway fees are estimates, and will vary depending on where your members are, and which payment gateways they use. You can learn a bit more about monetising your app here.