We’ve built the most transparent pricing model we can, at the best value to you. We charge for packages up front but your time doesn’t start ticking until your app is in the app stores. The more time you commit to the success of your app, the cheaper your costs are. Other fees (taxes, transaction fees, etc.) all come out of earned revenue as a percentage.

Available packages

Lowest upfront cost

1 month plan

ex VAT
£ 247 Monthly

3 month plan

ex VAT
£ 597 3 monthly
Lowest monthly cost

6 month plan

ex VAT
£ 894 6 monthly

(We do ask you to pay for your iOS/Android developer accounts as they have to come from your business account. Apple is $99, annually. Android is $25, one-off)

all pricing is Ex VAT

All plans include

App features

Unlimited active members
Login with Facebook or email
Instant messaging between users
Users can filter their search using various methods
Premium subscriptions for additional features
Push notifications for announcements


iOS App
Android App
Dedicated cloud hosting
High security standards
SSL everywhere
Google Analytics integration
Simple landing page
Free security and maintenance updates
Free domain & DNS management


Marketing support
App store submissions
Discounted business development consultancy rates
Front-line customer support
Email & phone support
Dedicated Account Manager

Are there any other fees?

Nope, not until you start earning money

Wrangling different payment providers, figuring out VAT and VAT MOSS, and dealing with charge-backs is a pain, so we take care of it all for you.

Whichever payment provider your users use (Stripe, Apple Pay, Android Pay, etc.), and wherever they are (GB, EU, USA, etc), we handle everything and pay you directly. You won’t need to wait months for payouts, even for payments which go through the app stores, and you won’t need to pay out of pocket.

From your total earnings, we’ll automatically deduct the payment gateway fees (e.g. credit card handling fees), any taxes that are due (e.g. VAT MOSS for European payments), and a 10% transaction fee to cover our overheads.


  • Income

  • Payment gateways

  • Tax

  • Transaction fee

  • Management fee

What to expect

Key steps to getting started

1.Sharing your ideas
We want to hear about your project. What is it? Why do want to do it? What is your vision?

We get into the weeds on what you need to bring your idea to life and provide you with a quote and estimated timelines.

Once you’re all paid up and ready to get going we will need your branding (ie, Fonts, Logos, Colour schemes) so we can add your personal twist to the app. If you need help with this, no worries! We can pass you to our design partner.

4.Development and Testing 
Our team then gets to work on building your app and any custom features you require. We do our own testing and ask you to provide any feedback you have. We then polish and finalise the build.

We launch your app into the iOS and Android Stores. It’s now time for you to get to work marketing your app and growing your community. You’ll have access to your client dashboard 24/7 to see exactly how many people are active, sending messages and connecting with one another, it’s easy!