About Us

M14 Industries started out as a joking idea with Bristlr and quickly discovered a market in need.

The world’s first SaaS platform for dating & social white label apps.

These opportunities led to the raising of the initial pre-seed funding with some big names in the industry coming on to the cap table. Two ex-MD’s of Match Group UK, personal investment from Tech North’s Head, Potential VC’s founder, IXIS Founder, Friend’s Reunited founder, among many others. The backing of many in the industry highlights the gap that M14 Industries is hoping to fill is significant.


How can M14 Industries help you?


We’ve built something cool. We’ve built a platform that lets you run your own dating or social app, without needing technical knowledge. We manage everything from the development, apps, website, customer service, maintenance, security, and payments.

This means you can have a responsive website, android app, iOS app, and any other application platform you can think of. These apps are automatically kept up to date by our team.


 We charge a low one-time set up fee (this covers things like app store registration, security certificates, custom features you want), then have very low recurring fees. If you’re an individual with an idea, or a large company with a plan, our pricing scales to remain sensible and fair.

If you’d like to find out more, please contact us via our Sign Up page.


If you want to run your own dating or social app, but don’t have either the time to build it yourself, or the vast amounts of money required to get someone else to build it, we’re your new buddy.

The M14 Platform can power any app, on any platform. You can customise the look and feel of the app, the features, and even integrate any third party service you like. All, without needing to lift a finger.

For more information, please visit our how it works page.

  • Your own branded & feature-rich dating or social service, fully tailored to your needs
  • No recycled accounts
  • No casual sites
  • A mobile-first website
  • Apps for every platform (we even support Windows Phone… if you’re into that sort of thing)
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • International payment support
  • We handle your VAT MOSS (you’re welcome)
  • Free support from experts when it comes to your branding & marketting
  • Ongoing maintenance across all platforms
  • Data Protection compliance with loads of acronyms
  • Instant and automatic scalability

Meet The Team

The team at M14 Industries is highly specialized and drawing from many years of experience in technology and dating industries.

Kaiman Brown
Software Engineer
Samuel Alexander
Community Manager
John Kershaw
CEO / Founder

People just like you are already loving M14 Industries platform

  • The energy and creativity we found in M14’s technology will enable us to connect book lovers all over the world.

    Helena H.
    CEO of Koob Group

Flexible, Adaptable & Forward Thinking.

  • Approach

    M14 Industries approaches white label platforms in a technology focused manner. Rather than rushing to the bat, we have taken our time to create a technology that is scalable, secure and flexible to any ideas you can imagine.

    We are also aware that not everyone has the ability or know-how to launch a business themselves. In some cases we also provide our ‘M14 Accelerator’ platform, which we use to take promising new ventures under our wing and help them learn from our experiences.

  • Culture

    In a lot of businesses, the focus is always on crunch and the next urgent deadline. At M14 Industries we believe in pursuing dreams, and one of our dreams is having a healthy and diverse workplace. Our team are actively encouraged to make sure to take actual time off, and really disconnect when not on working hours so they can come in each day enthused and full of energy.

    We seek to remove barriers in every way possible.

  • Value Prop

    You bring the idea, we bring the tech.

  • Mission Statement

    Tech without boundaries



Connections made in 2015


Your ideas, our tech.

We pride ourselves on hands-on partner support. You will have your own assigned account manager, who will help you every step of the way.