A successful app is half great technology and half knowledge.

M14 Industries gives everybody the technology to build their ideas in an effortless way. Over the years we’ve learned a lot, and also been approached by a lot of people looking for help and advice beyond simply tech. Hence, our consultancy.

Building and launching dating and social apps has been our bread and butter for years. Along the way we’ve been through startup accelerators, built previously-impossible technology, hosted international conferences with the industries’ smartest CEOs, raised several rounds of funding, bought companies, launched a lot of apps, and even appeared on Dragon’s Den.


  • How do you get your first 100 users?
  • Which marketing methods actually work for me?
  • Can you build a product which gains users without effort?

Idea Validation

  • How can you tell if your idea is a good idea?
  • What’s the best strategy to get to market?
  • How do you develop an idea from a concept into a business?


  • How do you measure and optimize for growth?
  • What’s the best way to get investment, and what does that journey look like?
  • How can you reliably model an app’s future?

Work with John


John Kershaw, M14’s founder and CEO, has worked with dozens of people and companies, both clients of ours and people looking to tap into our unique knowledge and skill set.

He’s solved problems and advised on a huge range of products; from knowledge sharing communities for physicists, to dating apps for vegans. Whilst every problem is different, the experience gained over the years allows John to help all these projects succeed.

Most of John’s time is taken up building one of the most exciting startups in the North of England, and putting his knowledge into practice. As a consultant, he really lives what he says.