Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions. If you happen to have one that isn’t in the list, please feel free to contact us, we are always happy to help. You can reach us on twitter at @M14Industries , or email us hello@m14.industries

So, I've decided you want to make an app with M14 Industries, how much does it cost?!

Our pricing options for a standard app, similar to Bristlr are as follows (ex VAT) :

  • Option 1 – Initial set up cost of £849, once live, there is a monthly maintenance cost of £149 a month.
  • Option 2 – Initial payment of £1348, this covers set up and 6 months of monthly maintenance. After this time, a cost of £149 per month will be required to continue with monthly maintenance.
  • Option 3 – Initial payment of £1887, this covers set up and 12 months of monthly maintenance. After this time, a cost of £149 per month will be required to continue with monthly maintenance.

Will you tell me if my idea a good one?

Unfortunately this is not something we can answer. However, we believe the success of an idea comes down to USP (unique selling point), a strong marketing strategy and the technology running behind the scenes. We will take care of all your tech needs and the rest is in your hands.

I want an app with similar features to double, is this possible?

Yes it is possible but there will be a cost for custom development. This is because where Double is concerned, it is not actually on our platform. We own the app but did not develop it, it was sold to us. If you are wanting to understand what our platform is capable of I would visit apps such as; Bristlr, Dating ink, Koob and Grafted Love.

I do want some custom features, what will they cost?

At present there is no exact pricing structure in place, however, there is a standard cost of £250 per day so if we can get a time estimate then quotes can be devised.

Do you provide a dedicated developer per client?

We share the work as we are still a small team at the moment and rely on getting our project management/timelines accurate in order to meet deadlines.

Ok, that’s great, but what does the monthly maintenance cost of £149 cover?

  • Firstly, we maintain your hosting.
  • Our customer support team are here in case your users have any problems. They receive all feedback so we can get straight to fixing any issues highlighted.
  • The operations team are here for your security and support. We have you covered for any new releases or software updates. Even in the instance of a targeted marketing push, the platform is designed to handle any volume of traffic.
  • Where payments are concerned we process payments, handle VAT calculations and VATMOSS calculations. Soon to include multiple currency support.
  • We give you access to our advertising platform
  • You’ll also have access to new feature releases as they come out to the platform.
  • We provide your analytics via the M14 Dashboard.
  • Soon this will also include multiple language support.

Once I get involved in the M14 plan, am I under contract?

No, typically speaking customer’s who pay monthly can cancel at any time providing a 30day notice.

If customers have paid upfront for 6/12 months, there are no ties. After the 6/12 months they will move onto the rolling £149 Ex VAT cost and whatever revenue share that was originally agreed. This agreement can be cancelled with 30days notice.

Where advertising is concerned, is there a revenue split?

Yes, there is. In a standard agreement the revenue split is 60/40 in favour of the client, the same as with general revenue split.

I already have a database of users, can you migrate clients current users on to your platform?

Good question! We can! It is easiest if you can export user data via CSV file. Where this is possible £250 will be added to your set up cost. If your data is not available in CSV we will have to export it manually, therefore the additional cost will vary based on number of users and type of data.

If either party terminates the agreement, who will own data such as end user data?

There is a shared ownership of the data during the duration of the app life, so we can manage and use it to run the services. However, it belongs to clients, just like the IP and other assets of the app. They all belong to the client, but the source code belongs to M14 and is licensed for use during the duration. But we would never hold on to/restrict clients user data even if they left.

Do you deduct VAT from payments to clients and do they need to register for VAT?

Clients don’t need to register for VAT, as we handle the VAT and VATMOSS. They may wish to if they are going to be doing large transactions over time. But it’s not necessary until your business is earning over 70k a year.

Do your prices include app store registration fees with Apple & Google?

It doesn’t include the registration fees for either of the app stores, as they need to come out of a company account to the business they set up. It also isn’t something we can do, nor is it something we want control of, since the app is yours.

Once I have paid and signed the contract, how long will it take for my app's take to go live?

There is no standard time for this, our timelines are defined by business already in the pipeline. At this current moment for a ‘Standard’ app with no custom development we are looking at 4 weeks. If custom development is required this can vary dramatically but is something we would discuss before taking on the job.

Once I discuss my app with you/ go into business with M14 is my intellectual property (IP) still owned wholly by myself?

Yes, all IP is owned by yourself. We have access to it for the duration of your business with us so that we can manage the services on your behalf. We also act as the data controller during that period.

What happens if I choose not to renewed the contract after the 6/12 months?

If the contract is not renewed after the first year then you are entitled to all data from the duration of your time with us. However, the code remains with M14 Industries.