It couldn’t be easier to launch your app

Your new app is just a few simple steps away. It’s easy with M14.

Tell us your branding

The first step is for us to get to know you and your app. We'll work with you to understand the community your app is for. You'll provide us with your branding (logo, colours, etc.) and any customization you'd like. Don't worry, there's nothing complicated!

We understand branding changes over time. With M14 you can easily and quickly change and update your style.

Magic happens

We take your branding and hand craft the interface on top of our pre-built, award-winning infrastructure. First we'll make a mobile-friendly website, then create your Android and iOS apps.

We test every app we make during and after development, and we involve you as much (or as little) as you'd like.

We'll go through the faff of submitting your apps to your app stores of choice.

Grow your community

Unlike most other providers, we support you for as long as you're with us, not just up until you launch. We'll talk you through your marketing options for launch, and after. And you'll have access to a comprehensive dashboard to see what's happening on your app.

As you grow, we grow with you.

Ready to get started?

Pricing Tiers
No sweat set-up

It’s simple for you to keep up with technology with ongoing upgrades and new features at no additional cost.

Multi-Platform Apps

Android, iOS, Windows Phone & mobile-first website come as part of our standard offering.

Customise Your Service

We allow custom themes & 3rd party integrations. If it’s not listed on our site, just shoot us a message and ask us.

Start earning now

You can start earning money as soon as your product launches. You don’t need to wait for the app stores to pay out, we’ll pay you in advance.


Our expert operations team are here for your security, scale & support.  The platform is built to handle any volume of traffic, easily and securely.

24/7 Customer Support

You can have peace of mind that your members will be well looked after by our expert team.

We’re on hand to help any time of day with guaranteed response times.

Reports & Analytics

We provide detailed reporting / analytics, access to our data science insights, and custom admin panels for every partner.

International Support

International currency options, for no additional charge. We support multiple languages, for those who want international or worldwide accessibility. For EU payments we handle VATMOSS

What you do

Your Idea

So you’ve had a good idea for a dating or social app, you’ve possibly reached out to some agencies and got quoted an eye watering figure to build it. Don’t worry, let M14 Industries help and see your idea come to life easily and cost-effectively.

You bring the idea, the branding, and the content/text you want. You’d provide us with your colour schemes and any other important information. You can choose from existing features, or request customisations unique to you and your product.

Marketing & Member Acquisition

Your app is going to need your help to get off the ground, and is the most important part for you as a partner.

Getting the word out that your new awesome app is in the wild can be hard, we know; we’ve done it. From traditional PR, to transactional paid advertising, to going viral, or organic SEO and ASO. We’ve done it all, and whilst it’s up to you how you get your members on-board, we’re here to offer help and guidance.