How the filter works

Almost every M14 app centres around a Discovery page, on which a user is shown a list of other users they may want to interact with. Our filter is designed to be scalable, modifiable, and customisable. Your app will use some of the following. Ask your account manager if you would like more specific information.

The filter works by applying the following search filters in certain ways across all user records:

  • Does the user searching already like them?
  • Is the user searching liked by this user?
  • Relative distance
  • Gender & gender related search preferences
  • Custom profile fields
  • Was the user online within the past 90 days?
  • Any set keywords
  • Profile Type

Depending on which features are enabled, the following can also be factored into search results:

  • Has the use been approved?
  • Has the user got an active subscription?

The results are then filtered a second time using the following criteria:

  • Age
  • The found user’s privacy settings
  • Has a user been blocked or hidden

Results are then sorted to show the most active user on top.