How to add us to your Apple developer account

How to add us to your Apple developer account

To let us manage your iOS release, we need certain access rights to your Apple account.


This guide assumes you’ve signed up to the Apple Developer Program at


First, log in to apple’s Developer portal by visiting and clicking “Account” in the navigation bar.


If you don’t see “People” you’ll need to change your account type


If you don’t see “People”, then you’ve signed up as an Individual and not as a Company / Organisation. You won’t be able to give us access to your account until you change this.


To change your membership type from “Individual” to “Company / Organisation” you will need to supply Apple with extra information, including your organisation’s D-U-N-S number (you can find out more about the D-U-N-S Number here, and Apple have a tool to get yours here).


Select People to invite us onto your team.


Invite people to join your team


Enter the email address given to you by your account manager in the Invite as Admins section, and click “Invite”.


Invite as Admin


You’ll see the invite is now in your “Pending Invitations” list.


Next, select “App Store Connect”.


If you haven’t already done so, read the Terms and Conditions, and review any agreements Apple tells you to. These are all in the “Agreements, Tax, and Banking” section within App Store Connect.



This is what greets you in the App Store Connect


Select “Users and Access” and add a New User using the plus at the top. Enter the details given to you by your account manager, and select Admin as the role. Then click “Invite”.


Make sure your account is up to date with “The Apple Developer Program License Agreement”; if you’re not, you’ll see a yellow warning at the top of your screen when you log in to the Apple developer portal.


And that’s it! You’re all done, and we can manage the rest.