Interview with Ben Lambert, Clocked & SexToii

Interview with Ben Lambert, Clocked & SexToii

Every fortnight we interview a different member of the Dating Industry.  This week we chatted to Ben Lambert, founder of Clocked, and CEO of SexToii.

1) You won Best New Dating App with Clocked at the UK Dating Awards 2015 – tell us about the app

We were a matchmaking app, designed to help people in London with busy lives connect with people they were more likely to have something in common with.  The idea was to help them stop wasting their time & money on the wrong people.

2) What did you find the main challenges of running Clocked?

Distinguishing ourselves as a strong enough proposition to the market leaders at the time. I think the market has evolved more now and people like looking for a niche dating app that encompasses what they are looking for. For example, Spex.

3) Other than winning the award, what were your biggest achievements with Clocked?

Helping a few people fall in love I guess  also building an amazing product – the tech we have built is still some of the best in the industry.

4) So what happened to Clocked? Does it still exist? 

We have taken it off the App Store and are currently in talks with 2 people who are interesting in purchasing the tech and brand.

5) You’re just about to launch a new company – tell us about SexToii!

Yes we are. We are launching shortly.

We aggregate the 5 star sexual products from multiple suppliers and curate them for you. We then allow people to play a Tinder-like game to explore. Its fun, free, and breaking the taboo around sexual products whilst giving you one single place to go and find the best products.

6) What lessons have you learned from Clocked that you will apply to SexToii?

Too many to list, but in short:

1. Get a simple product out there and start getting feedback.

2. People will fund your business if it’s good enough – it’s not just bad luck not getting funded, especially in a relatively uncompetitive market.

3. Work out the value that you are offering to the user and focus on that.