Interview with Robyn Exton, HER

Interview with Robyn Exton, HER

This week we caught up with HER Founder Robyn Exton …

How has HER evolved and changed since it was first launched as Dattch in 2011?

Dattch was a lesbian & bisexual dating app where as HER is about the full LGBTQ+ community of women, non-binary and trans people. We’re really focussed on bringing lesbian, bisexual and queer people together. The app is strongly driven around community, including content, events and friendship options. And we now run events in nearly 30 cities across the world, bringing our community together at events for up to 1000 people. 

What has driven the majority of the changes you’ve made? Was it changes within the industry, or a growing understanding of your audience?

Ours has been completely based on our audience – really getting to understand their needs and communication styles and constantly trying to improve the experience to suit their behavior. 

Has your target audience changed at all in the last six years?

We started with a very specific focus on lesbian and bisexual, female identified users. But from the beginning of HER we’ve been inclusive for a much broader audience and now have over 16 sexualities and 23 gender identities. 

What would you say the main lessons you’ve learned from building and growing HER have been?

Focus is critical. It’s easy to get excited about new opportunities and explore new areas but focusing on what you’re great at is 10 x more valuable. 

What is next for HER?

This year we’re translating the app and launching across Europe as well as continuing to grow our events part of the business around the world.