Introducing Better Together Dating

Introducing Better Together Dating

Do you love people? Do you love Europe? Do you love European people and other cultures? M14 invites you to join Better Together Dating!

With Better Together Dating we want to help spread the love of those that want to spread their wings. With our new app you can find people who share your passion for travel, culture and living free. Start locally, get closer, then go far away together.

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Better Together Dating introduces dating for the #Remain crowd. In these trying and worrying times, we need to remain together.¬†Join with the rest of the 48% and celebrate the diversity, joy and love that our great continent provides. Don’t let the #EUReferendum put an end to your thirst for adventure!

We all love adventures, and we love people to share them with. We want to meet people that share our wanderlust. We want to embrace those that embrace adventure and cultures. We want to break beyond the borders of monotony, and with Better Together Dating, we can do it together.

Let Better Together Dating be your local starting point to international adventures. Open your minds and your hearts to the world around you, and embrace adventure.

Let’s be #BetterTogether!

Be Better Together