Our Apps

We’ve built dozens of apps helping connect people through shared interests, intentions, and languages. Below is a small selection of our apps.


Connecting those with beards to those who want to stroke them, Bristlr was M14’s first app. The app’s success has generated more than half a million matches between its users, as well as several children.

Bristlr has received international press coverage, and appeared on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den in 2017.

Web, iOS, Android

Buump Active

Buump Active helps new mums maintain the healthy, energetic lifestyle. They help parents stay active at home, meet other mums, and achieve fitness goals.

The project has received £347k funding from Sport England.

Web, iOS, Android


For lawyers and the people who want to date them, Lawyr is a dating app for people in the legal community.

Web, iOS, Android

Tattoos Beards Cocktails

TBC is a dating app which uses preferences for cocktails to help make matches. The app is for people who enjoy tattoos, beards, and a fine aperitif.

We worked closely with the team to build their interface exactly how they wanted.

Web, iOS, Android

Geek Meet

An app for self-described geeks to find other people as passionate as they are.

Web, Android

Uniform Love

A dating app for those on the front line; EMTs, paramedics, firefighters, nurses, and other uniformed first responders.

Web, iOS, Android