From idea, to launch, and beyond

The technology and support you need to launch your app


We’ve been using our platform to bring people’s app ideas to life since 2014. We’ve now created a Comprehensive Package which is simple and fixed cost, and contains everything you need.

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We work with you and your idea from the first inception through to the app being launched, and beyond. We provide the technology and support you need to launch your first version, and we provide on going support to help you grow.

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What’s included?

iOS, Android, and the web

Your customised and branded app will be on both mobile platforms and the web. We’ll help you through the maze of publishing on the app stores.

Consultancy sessions

Each of the three sessions will cover your choice of;  Idea development, marketing, engagement, measuring success, and investment readiness.

Domain name

You’ll get a free domain name, and we’ll set up your Google Suite account for you if you’d like.

SSL Certificates

All your websites and apps will use secure connections and have SSL certificates, and your data will be encrypted.

Multiple subscription tiers

Monetise your app with multiple pricing tiers for your users to unlock features, with up to three different currencies.

Logo and branding

Our team will work with you to create your branding, including your logo. We’ll help you with tone, micro-copy, colours, and graphics.

Landing page with pre-launch sign up

Start your marketing early with a secure landing page and pre-launch sign up form. Start collecting contact details for your eager fans.

12 months of unlimited hosting

Don’t worry about scale; our cloud platform won’t cost you anything for the first 12 months or until you reach 250,000 users.

Unique features

Let your users express themselves with customised profile fields and features unique to you. Profile fields can be included in profiles, the filter, and during signup.

Three days of custom development

Add or customise features, enhance your branding, or something else. Real customisation to make your app unique.

What kind of apps can you make?

We use the M14 Platform as the foundation for every app we make. The platform supports any kind of person-to-person connection app, and several types of social and community app. We can build any app which connects people. If you’re unsure if we can support your idea, get in touch.

We’ve found ways to use the platform to make marketplace apps, dating apps, and social apps. They all share common features like discovery, messaging, and personal profiles, and so are all cheaper and faster to build on M14.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when 90% of the functionality you want already exists (think push notifications, payment processing, interface elements, security, etc.). You can change any text, image, icon, colour, font, and even customize or edit the functionality.

Each app we produce is unique and not just an existing app with a new colour. We work with you to make sure your app is tailored to your audience and has unique offering.