There are many types of notifications we can send to users. Below is a list of current (as of December 2019) notification options. Where a notification requires a certain feature to function, this is listed below as a Feature Requirement.

NotificationRelated feature & triggerEmailPush
WelcomeSent to all users when they complete registration.YesNo
Email VerificationSent when a user updates their email address, or when they request to verify their email address.YesNo
Password ResetSent when a user forgets their passwordYesNo
TipsSent 20 hours after a user has joined
Feature Requirement: Tips Email
Deleted Account (found someone)Sent if the user chooses the “I found someone” reason for deleting their accountYesNo
InviteSent when a user requests to invite their friends
Feature requirement: Invite Friends
Payment MadeSent when we receive a payment from a user
Feature requirement: Subscriptions
AnnouncementSent when a new Announcement is published. The email contains the full announcement content.
Feature Requirement: Announcements
TestA test notification, used during developmentNoYes
New Forum PostSent when a forum thread a user is watching has a new post
Feature Requirement: Forum
Likes YouSent when someone likes a user’s profile
Feature Requirement: User Likes You Notification
New Message (Immediate)Sent when a new message is sent to a userNoYes
Event InviteSent when a user invites a second user to an event
Feature Requirement: Events
Message ReadSent when a message has been read
Feature Requirement: Message Read Receipts
New MatchSent when a user gets a new connectionYesYes
New MessageSent 10 minutes after a user receives a new message, if it’s unread.YesNo
New Timeline CommentSent when a new comment is posted to a user’s timeline item
Feature Requirement: Timeline
Blog PostSent when a new blog post is published
Feature Requirement: Blog