Using the Blog feature

Your M14 app has a lot of features which you can choose to activate. The in-app blog is one such feature. This article briefly explains how the blog works.

Once activated, you will find the Blog listed on your Dashboard menu. Visiting the page you will see a button to create a new blog post. The page also shows any blog posts you have already written.

Click “Create new Post” to get started. You’ll see a page where you can enter the blog’s Title, Header image, Content, and a few additional settings.

Fill out the Title, upload a Header image, fill out your content, and click “Create”. You can edit all of these any time.

The Audience setting determines if a user must be logged in to the app to see the blog post. If this is set to “Public”, anyone with a link to the blog post can view it. If it’s set as “Members” then only logged in users can see it.

A blog post is saved as a “Draft” (nobody other than you can see it) until you choose Publish.

Once you are happy with a blog post and it looks good in-app, you can start sending push notifications to your users by setting Notifications to “Send”.

Removing a post is done via Delete. There is no undo, so be sure you want to remove the blog post rather than saving it as a “Draft”.

Once saved, you can change the Date. This corresponds to the date associated with the article. Blogs are always listed with the newest post on top, according to its Date.

Within the app we can add links to the blog either in the hamburger menu bar (the menu which slides in from the left when the button in the top right is pressed) or as an icon in the bottom navigation bar. When clicked, the user is taken to the Blog page, which in our example using Bristlr and just two posts looks like this:

Clicking the title of a blog post takes the user to the content of the post, which in this example looks like this:

If you want any additional features for your blog, please talk to your account manager and we will be happy to help.