What can I earn?

It’s no surprise we get asked this question a lot, it’s also understandable that people want to know the answer. Honestly, it’s a question that is hard to answer as there are so many factors involved.


  • How passionate are you about your idea?
  • How much is being spent on marketing?
  • How much are you charging users?
  • Who are your users and what is their demographic willing to pay?


Running your own app is much like running any other business, there are a lot of things to consider. We are here to take away all of the stress when it comes to technology from building your app’s, submitting them to handling customer service. But what we can’t do is bring the community together, that’s your job. With your passion, we can work together to create an amazing app that will help to connect people, whether that be for a social cause or dating. We run app’s for all kinds of communities, if you want to check out a few, click here.


Now you might think that we’ve sold you short on an answer, mainly because there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution. So as a consolation, we’ve popped an earnings calculator below with some rough calculations and sliders for you to play with, these can give you a rough idea of your earning potential.