By using our years of experience in the app development and the online community space we work with our partners to offer them a bespoke and totally unique site by being able to personally configure their offering.

We offer dozens of pre-configured features for your app including bespoke interests and characteristics, tagging, template changes and layout amendments, forums / Q & A and much more. You can even work with us to build your own and create a truly unique experience.

We take care of the processing and collections and accept payments in multiple currencies. We handle the payment gateways, taxes and international territories. You will be able to start taking payments from day one via app and web.

You get the full benefit of our infrastructure and our cloud architecture. This means that you dont need to worry about performance spikes, ongoing security updates, reliability or staying up to date. As your business scales and volume increases, we will ensure that you can remain confident in knowing we are on hand to ensure reliability.

For us, its all about connections. We want to enable people to connect with people like them.

We arent just another dating platform – We are here to help you create true, engaged communities of like minded individuals who want shared experiences. And not to be able to just send messages. We know that everybody is different and we try and make our apps reflect that.

90% of the functionality already exists in the platform (Think push notifications, payment processing, security, front and back end interface) – Then its down to you to work with us to customise the text, change basic functionality, change imagery, choose territories and currencies, add forums and much more

* Payment processing options for app and web are dependant on the Partner and the package


We would love to discuss our wider partnership vision with you