Our Vision

To be able to provide simple, diverse and inclusive niched products that allow communities to grow and flourish around shared values and interests

Offering years of experience within the online dating and community space, we are able to work closely with selected partners to offer a tailored experience to users in what we view as underserved and neglected sectors of the market.

What Makes Us Different?

Fast and Efficient

We work closely with our partners on a one to one basis to deliver on brief and on time.

Experienced Professionals

With combined knowledge of Online Dating, Social and all aspects of development we are able to offer an end to end service.

Multiple Solutions

Unlike many providers, we are able to offer both APP and WEB solutions and can offer full support for both.

Competitive Prices

We offer total flexibility throughout and market leading revenue shares.

Totally Flexible

We are able to provide solutions in all major territories and can cater for most global currencies, allowing you to have true global reach.

Quality Over Quantity

We only choose to work with committed and authentic partners who take pride in their brand. A solid relationship is at the heart of all we do.

What makes us REALLY different

We are the only platform globally that offers our partners a true business relationship and a bigger slice of the action.
Contact us to find out how you can truly add value to your business by becoming one of our “co-operative partners”


We would love to discuss our wider partnership vision with you