Who are we?

We are a fully customisable platform able to offer both web and app versions of community and social sites.

We strive to give our partners the ability to be able offer and create engaged and content rich communities including romance, Interest based and demographic specific groups by working closely with carefully selected partners and brands.
We arent just another templated whitelabel. We are able to offer ringfenced, tailored experiences for users and flexible and unique terms for our partners.

We are proud to promote a fully tailored offering with emphasis on diversity and inclusivity. We allow people to follow who they are and who they want to be without judgement and our platform allows communities to come together through simple communication.

“M14 industries takes the coding and the software engineering out of app development They created a platform where the business can focus on branding and marketing - M14 do the rest”

CNN Business


We would love to discuss our wider partnership vision with you