Legitimate Interest Assessment

We take great care to only process data about you that we need, and in ways which you would expect. This Legitimate Interest Assessment covers our view on why we are allowed to do what we do with your data when you sign up to a service (app or website, in future only referred to as our apps) powered by M14 Industries.


This document is a companion to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Data and Storage guide. Some apps will use customised versions of these documents, so always check with the app’ website which has links to these documents.


When you join one of our apps you agree to abide by the terms and conditions. These cover behavior, expectations, and a host of other topics. We believe we have a legitimate interest in how we and our partners process your data, and this assessment is our evidence of this. If any part is unclear, or you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with Partners@m14.industries.




We want to process your data so we can provide you the service you expect to use. Without knowing about you, we can’t help you, it’s as simple as that. We may collect location data about you in order to allow you to find local people, for example.


It’s not just you, the user, who benefits from the way we process data; we can benefit from the processing too! We can use everyone’s data to find out what people like, what they don’t like, how well our apps are doing, and to find generalizations to help us make smarter decisions in future.


There are two main types of “third-parties” who also benefit. Firstly, the people who run the app you’re using (they can see how well their community is working, provide support where needed, manage the day to day running of the app, and send you relevant information). Secondly, there’s third party services we use, who might be providers of hardware or software (Amazon, for example, provide a lot of our computing power), or they might be providing a service we need (SendGrid, for example, send all our emails on our behalf).


We don’t provide your data to any third parties unless we need to.


All of this means that everyone benefits from us processing and using your data. And if we couldn’t process your data, we couldn’t provide you any kind of useful service.


We comply with every data protection related law we can find which applies to us. As a member of the Online Dating Association, we give ourselves additional, higher standards and guidelines to follow.




For the purpose of doing our job, processing your data is essential. It’s proportional to what’s needed, and we don’t do any kind of unnecessary processing. Without knowing about you, we couldn’t do the work you need us to, and we only ask for what we need. We don’t think we could process less data, or be less intrusive. If you think we could be, please let us know!




The data you share with us, either directly by entering it into an app, or indirectly by the behavior you present when using the app, could be pretty personal. We know who you’re looking to meet, where you are, and what you’ve messaged people. We need to, as it’s all in our database. But, we do acknowledge that this is very private information. It’s why we take your protection so seriously, and if we could provide you a service without this data, we would try. Alas, we can’t.


We don’t expect you to know who we are, and often we’ll disappear into the background as you’ll be using a white labeled app. Though in reality you’ll still be working with us, and providing us with your information to process. The person or organisation running the app also has access to some of your data (they need it for analytics, reaching out about important communications, etc.), and we have a relationship with them governed by a contract.


We think it’s pretty clear how we use your data, and it’s reasonable for you to have the same opinion as we do. Communication preferences can be changed to fit your needs, and you can close your account at any time. We’re also available to contact if you have any more specific questions or concerns.


You don’t lose any control of your data when we process it. And it won’t affect you outside of your interactions with one of our apps. None of our processing is intrusive, and we’re always happy to openly explain what we do and how we do it.

We would love to discuss our wider partnership vision with you