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M14 Industries provide the technology for many services; some you’ll have heard of, some you won’t have, and some you may use.

When you use one of our products, we store and process data all about you. And we want this to be a transparent process.

You can request a Data Map (a description of the data we collect and store, when and how we collected it, why we got it and what we use it for, and how long we keep it) by emailing john@m14old. Please include in your email; the service you’re looking to use, and your interactions with the service so far.

Your data is stored in a few different places, depending on what it is and how we use it. Data is stored in a database hosted by; MongoDB.com, and/or Heroku. It’s processed by Heroku, Amazon Web Services, and/or ImgIX. Data is transferred using encrypted connections between services, and to send data to and from your device or web browser.

We manually or automatically delete data after a set amount of time. This time period varies according to the data in question, and the specific service. For up to date information, please contact us following the instructions above.

We have a number of third party services we rely on to manage our systems. Some of these services directly hold data about you, but do need some data to function. For example; we monitor the log files generated by our servers for errors, we review email meta data for analysis, and we monitor business performance indicators with multiple third party analytics services. The data isn’t stored forever, and the amount of time we keep data depends on what we need it for.

Our approach to GDPR is to be as open as we can about what we do. We don’t share the data we collect with other services beyond those we need to, and the only communications we and our Partners send out on a semi-regular basis is always directly relevant to people who joined the service in question.

Each service has a Privacy Policy (best found via the link on their website). The Privacy Policy is a catch-all and in general is broader than we need. But this saves us needing to email everyone every time we tweak it. Given you can email us and find out any extra information you’d like, we think this is a sensible approach.

We have a number of Sub Processors of your data. Most are linked to above. These are all used to provide the core service we offer. Please contact us for specific use cases.

The only people with access to your data are us, and our Partner who we work with to provide the service. Data access is controlled and limited, and everything is done in line with all applicable laws.

If you’d like to request a copy of your data (sent to you, or a trusted third-party service), and/or amend or update any details, please use the contact details above. If you’d like your data removed you can email us, or log in to the service and delete your account from the Settings. Using the in-service option is faster, and automatic.

If you’ve requested an update to your data, and that data is also held by a third party; we will notify the third party, or provide access to the updated data.

If you request to delete data that we don’t actually store and never have, we may require payment to cover our time.

To prevent us making automated decisions about you, or compiling and processing a profile of you, or to stop us processing data on you altogether, please delete your account. As a match-making service we need to profile you as a core part of the service, so it’s impossible to opt out of profiling but still use the service.

This document will be expanded as GDPR is clarified, and in response to frequently asked questions. Data privacy is important to us, so please contact us if you have any queries.

This page was last updated on Oct 5th 2023 to remove mLab as a dat processor.

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